Why sell gourmet brigadeiro?


Brigadeiro is a genuinely Brazilian sweet. Since then it has become the sweetest present in Brazilian cuisines.

However, what is every day taking space in gatherings and parties in general is the gourmet brigadeiro.

After all, what is the difference between conventional brigadier and gourmet brigadier?

You may have researched this term and found several articles on how to make “gourmet brigadeiros”, but do you know how to differentiate gourmet brigadeiro from an ordinary brigadier?

To sell gourmet brigadeiro, you need to know a little more about it, such as:

Where did you come from?

What is this kind of brigadier special about?

What are the advantages of working with gourmet brigadeiros?

What should a brigadeiro have to be considered a gourmet treat?


The gourmet brigadeiro became known, thanks to a journalist, now owner of one of the most renowned ateliers of brigadeiro located in São Paulo.

A journalist in love with candy has become a specialist in brigadeiro and is a reference in this candy.

Through studies and mixtures of techniques of the gastronomy course with the preparation of brigadeiros she managed to conquer her space in the market of fine sweets.

With that, the brigadeiro was no longer seen as a simple candy party and became valued in the market of sweet gourmets.

Features of the Gourmet Brigadeiro

One of the great differences between the gourmet brigadeiro and the common brigadeiro are the ingredients.

Gourmet bakers order chocolate (attention is not chocolate), condensed milk and butter (margarine is not recommended) for the making of fine sweets.

In this type of sweet is common the addition of other flavors than the chocolate. Therefore, there are healthier versions and eccentric flavors like fruit brigadiers.

Advantages of selling Gourmet Brigadeiro

Practicality in preparation;

Requires low investment;

High profit margin;

The gourmet brigadeiro is accepted by several publics;

Can be sold in large or small quantities;

It sells all year round and can have sales leveraged on festive dates.

But why sell gourmet brigadeiros?

Despite the large amount of revenue available on the internet, there are a relatively small number of stores specializing in gourmet brigadeiros in Brazil.

Even presenting a vast candy market, the sale of gourmet brigadeiro, is a market still little explored.

So enjoy the content and learn how to sell this delicious candy and have an extra income.

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