Christmas Gourmet Sweets.


The season of the big holidays is coming. This is the time for you to invest your time in sweet Christmas gourmets to leverage your year-end sales.

For you to have an idea this month is so important, that it is common for anyone who already works in this branch to have a billing in December superior to the billing of the whole year. That is, this is the right time to prepare in the candy market.

But to get this performance in sales you need to know the trends of the markets and what are the most sought after candy in this period.

To help you on this journey, I have separated some sweets that will help you in your business this Christmas.

Christmas Gourmets Candy Suggestions

Gourmet Brigadiers

Currently this type of candy has stood out in the market, for being easy to make and with a great diversity of flavors and decorations.

Personalized Cupcakes Due to the widespread dissemination of these candies in the media, the cup cake, better known as cupcake has become the darling of the candy market.

So abuse colored creams with red, green and brown tones.

Remember that here in Brazil is summer at Christmas, so give preference to citrus flavors, such as lemon and strawberry.

Lemon mousse

Lemon mousse is one of the most consumed sweets in Brazil due to its refreshing taste and delicate format.

Yes, lemon mousse is one of the best candy options for Christmas, or rather, all summer long.

The decoration is simple, you can use the raspice shavings of the lemons used to extract the juice.

Tip: Use transparent plastic cups for the sale of mousses.

Strawberry Pavement

If there is a fruit that defines Christmas is the strawberry!

For sure, strawberry is the fruit that you should most use at this time, its red color, citrus flavor and refreshing is great for producing sweet Christmas gourmets.

Strawberry is one of the most used fruits for candy decoration, and could not be left out of our list of Christmas sweets.

For many families the Strawberry Pavé is a traditional Christmas candy, and can be made with chocolate or whipped cream.

For the sale, make small portions of pavé and put in transparent plastic pots, similar to the pots of mousse.

You can decorate the pavé by layering pieces of fresh strawberries and then the cream.

You can use the pieces of strawberry to make drawings on the surface of the candy, with a heart shape.

I think these tips are a good start to inspire you for Christmas dinner.

I’m going to stay here wishing you happy holidays and an excellent production of gourmet foods.


Merry Christmas!


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